Effects of monensin only, monensin and virginiamycin combination, or monensin and a blend of organic trace minerals and yeast on meat quality of crossbred bulls finished in feedlot individual pens and fed with high-grain diets





additives, antibiotics, beef quality, cattle, ionophores, Saccharomyces cerevisae


This study assessed carcass characteristics and meat quality of bulls finished in individual pens and fed with different diets. A completely randomized design determined how to feed 24 crossbred bulls (European × Nellore) with four diets over 84 days: CONT) without additives; MONE) inclusion of 30 mg of monensin/kg DM; MO + VI) inclusion of 30 mg of monensin + 30 mg of virginiamycin/kg DM; and MO+AD) inclusion of 30 mg of monensin/kg DM + 1.57 g of a blend of organic trace minerals, live yeast, beta-glucan, and mannans per kg DM (Advantage-Confinamento). MO+VI resulted in lower pH (P < 0.05) and lighter meat (P < 0.05) compared with other treatments. Cooking loss was less (P < 0.05) with MO+AD at 14 days of aging time. At 14 days, Warner-Bratzler shear force was higher for meat from bulls fed with CONT and MONE diets and slower (P < 0.05) for meat from bulls fed with MO+VI and MO+AD diets. In conclusion, including monensin combined with virginiamycin and monensin combined with a blend of organic trace minerals and yeast in the diets of bulls finished in individual pens can improve the color, Warner-Bratzler shear force of meat, and lower cooking losses.


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MATOS, A. M., DUARTE, V., CARVALHO, V. M., PRADO, R. M. do, CARDOSO, M. A. P., VITAL, A. C. P., SILVA, L. F. C. e, MONTESCHIO, J. O., GUERRERO, A., & PRADO, I. N. do. (2024). Effects of monensin only, monensin and virginiamycin combination, or monensin and a blend of organic trace minerals and yeast on meat quality of crossbred bulls finished in feedlot individual pens and fed with high-grain diets. Food Science and Technology, 44. https://doi.org/10.5327/fst.00108



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